Saturday, December 5, 2009

fR!3nDs !s....?

what is friend...someone who

A-Accept you
B-Believe you
C-Calls you just to say 'hi'
D-Does't give up un you
E-Envisions the whole of you
F-Forgives yuor mistakes
G-Given unconditionally
H-Helps you
I-Inspires you to be the best you can
J-Just happy to be whit you
K-Kept you close at heart
L-Loves you for who you are
M-Makes a difference in your life
N-Never judges
O-Offers support
P-Pick you up
Q-Quiets your fears
R-Raises your spirit
S-Says nice thing about you
T-Tells the truth
U-Understand you
V-Values you
W-Walks beside you
X-eXplain thing you don't understand
Y-Yells when you don't listen
Z-Zaps you back to reality

hoho.. ni lah yang dinamakan kawan sejati..cukupkah ciri-ciri ini pada rakan anda? tepuk dada tanya hati..chayok-chayok

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kata2 dari korg yg wt aq tersenyum :)